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The aim of a 360° is to improve self-awareness by highlighting inconsistencies between how a person sees themselves at work, and how others see them.

360°s are a multi-rater questionnaire that gather performance feedback from an individual’s manager, peers, direct reports and/or customers. They can predict performance and provide foundations for development.

Typically, feedback on 360°s are with one-on-one, development focused discussions with a consultant.  Our range of 360° tools focus on different aspects including custom competencies, leadership benchmarking, emotional intelligence and personal agility.

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Choosing the Right 360°

When choosing the right 360° for your organisation it is important to consider the desired outcome. Are you seeking better collaboration within a team? Better emotional intelligence from a leader? An uplift in employee engagement? Consider if you require an off the shelf assessment or bespoke like the Testgrid 360°.

Once you understand what you are looking for you can start to make progress towards choosing the right 360°. But luckily we are here and our team of experts can design your 360° program from start to finish.

The table below provides a comparison summary of our 360° range.

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Our Range

The Testgrid 360°

Utilise a range of off-the-shelf or fully customised assessment tools, Testgrid can work individually or in team sessions to:

  • Assess and identify the key strengths of your existing or new leadership team
  • Help you identify who, what and when to invest in terms of leadership coaching and training
  • Provide clarity in terms of areas of development and potential “derailers”
  • Advise you on how best to manage these at times of high stress or time pressures
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Hogan 360°

hogan 360

The Hogan 360° is currently used globally and places a strong focus on leadership; consequently, it is particularly valuable for measuring leadership effectiveness. This report summarises top strengths and top opportunities for improvement and also includes a development-focused action planning section at the back.

The Hogan 360° leadership quadrant framework (Self-Management, Relationship Management, Working In The Business, and Working On The Business) is effective and easy to interpret.

  • Key benefits/points of difference:
  • Global benchmark group of international professionals is updated annually

Customisation is available: the client can choose to add their own feedback questions from an item bank Very clear, user-friendly report; is regarded highly by psychologists and consultants delivering debriefs

hogan 360

Hogan Leadership 360°

hogan 360 header

The Leader Focus 360° is similar to the standard Hogan 360 in terms of the information provided, however, this tool is designed for emerging or first-time managers and leaders. It is used to develop self-awareness and promote the development of skills that will enhance the individual’s potential as a leader.

Key benefits/points of difference:

  • Valuable for use early in one’s career: for instance, when preparing for a new leadership role or managing people for the first time
  • Caters to numerous ‘types’ of leaders (rather than solely the traditional People Leader). Presents results across 6 emerging leadership styles: Results Leader, People Leader, Process Leader, Thought Leader, Social Leader, and Data Leader
  • Modern and user-friendly report
hogan leadership

Saville 360°

saville 360 header

The Saville Wave Performance 360° aligns with the Wave personality framework, capturing feedback across 4 domains: Solving Problems, Influencing People, Adapting Approaches and Delivering Results.

For this reason, individuals familiar with Wave will readily understand the structure of this report. As is the case with the other 360° options, it enables raters to provide both quantitative (ratings/scores) and qualitative (comments) feedback.

Key benefits/points of difference:

  • Completion time 10 mins
  • Includes an ‘Ability Profile’, which illustrates self and others’ perceptions of the individual’s cognitive abilities
  • Number of reporting options available, including the Development Report and Leadership Impact 360° Report
saville 360

Genos 360°

genos 360 header

The Genos EI 360° is strongly focused on emotional intelligence, measuring how well the individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent behaviours in comparison to others. The report provides raw, benchmarked, and ‘gap’ scores for each of the 6 core EI competencies, and behaviours.

It presents feedback sequentially by rater group (for instance: managers, then peers, then direct reports) using a ‘traffic-light’ system, followed by a summary chart. There are 2 versions available: Workplace and Leadership (designed for middle to senior-level leaders). Genos also has a 180 EI Leadership Feedback Report available, which is designed for front-line to supervisor development.

Key benefits/points of difference:

  • Raters are able to provide free-text comments for every competency assessed, enabling detailed feedback Rater categories can be customised (to suit the vocabulary your organisation is accustomed to)
  • This questionnaire asks raters about the importance of each competency, for that particular role or organisation
genos 360

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