Behavioural Assessments

Need a top-performing sales professional? Or a detail-oriented engineering graduate? No matter your industry, behaviours and competency psychometric testing helps to identify top candidates with the right outlook, skill levels for the job.

Behavioural psychometric assessments provide insight into how well your candidates will handle role-related activities. Competency assessments help identify your candidates’ abilities to do the job.



Personality Assessments, or Behavioural assessments, measure how well candidates match a certain role type. This is based on work style preferenes that allow you to identify if a candidate will want to do the tasks involved in the role.

An example of this would be matching someone with high organisational skills in a project management position or considering hiring someone who has a low preference for public speaking if the role requires the candidate to give lots of presentations.

Every competency has associated favourable behavioural traits. When these traits are identified and measured, they can indicate a prospect’s current capabilities and future career development.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Hire for Culture Add
  • Avoid candidates with a low preference for key tasks
  • Find candidates who enjoy the task at hand
  • Assist in employee alignment
  • Improve engagement and retention
  • Hire like-minded people


Sales and Customer Service

Our Sales and Customer Service Behavioral Assessments identify candidates with strong preferences towards the tasks associated within these roles.

These can include Communication Skills or Managing Conflict, which directly relate to working with the public or up selling a product.

This assessment identifies 12 types of sales call reluctance factors which have been identified as key to successful sales performance and measures candidates’ customer service preferences.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Assess communications skills
  • Assess if the candidate will enjoy this type of work
  • Contact Centres
  • Retails staff
  • Phone or Face to Face Sales roles


Role Profiling

This sophisticated assessment is designed to assess the characteristics of success within a given role, and facilitate the measurement of organisational competencies.

By combining the expertise of individuals who know the role best with validated scientific research, this behavioural assessment provides a comprehensive profile of success specifically suited to the unique requirements of your organisation.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Identify the critical competencies of a role



These behavioral assessment measures productive work behaviours with an emphasis on employee reliability and integrity.

Scales measured include freedom from disruptive drug and alcohol use, courtesy, emotional maturity, conscientiousness, trustworthiness, long-term job commitment and safe job performance.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Assessing the likelihood of workplace accidents
  • Unplanned and uncontrolled turnover
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Productivity issues

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