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Predictive Validity of Assessment Methods

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The Validity of Assessments

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Assessment methods and psychometric tests should be based on valid and reliable data and research, ensuring that the tests are credible and accurately measure what they claim to assess.

Validity refers to how accurately the test evaluates or measures a skill or trait. It represents the relationship between a test and the quality it measures and, thus, is a critical factor in pre-employment testing.

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Our Assessment Principles

Testgrid Assessment Principles

At Testgrid, our mission is to empower organisations to achieve success through people. Central to this mission are our unwavering assessment principles that guide every recommendation we make. We are committed to upholding these principles to ensure that our assessments are fair, non-discriminatory, reliable, and valid.

We prioritise the integrity of our assessments, carefully selecting publisher partners only after conducting a thorough and stringent evaluation.

By adhering to these assessment principles, we guarantee that our assessments deliver accurate and valuable insights, enabling organisations to make informed decisions that drive their success.


Testgrid Assessment Principles

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