The Testgrid 360° is a customisable assessment for evaluating employee performance that can be designed to be bespoke to your organisation or specific roles.

The assessment can be built to gather feedback from stakeholders around an individual employee or leader, including peers, supervisors, and direct reports to provide you with an all-round view of your team.

The Testgrid 360° allows you to customise questions and reporting to align to your Organisational or Leadership competency frameworks.

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What Makes the Testgrid 360° Different?

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When assessing employees it pays to do it in more than one dimension. Our customisable 360° assessment is designed to be agile to your employee development and business needs. It’s the only 360° assessment available that’s customisable to align your Organisational or Leadership competency frameworks.

Pairing The Testgrid 360° with Behavioural Assessments

The data gathered can be paired with behavioural assessments to help you understand why an employee may operate in the way that they do.

Pairing The Testgrid 360° insights with behavioral data let’s you identify and understand your employees’ development areas.

Think of the 360° as an analysis tool that allows you to IDENTIFY your employees’ skills and identify capability in a 360° snap shot.

The behavioural assessment allows you to UNDERSTAND why the employee may make certain choices or how they like to work by providing insight into their work style preferences.

  • Completely customisable to Organisational or Leadership competency frameworks
  • Simple, quick & cost effective
  • Large range of assessments
  • Align to roles & values
  • Align to your existing competency framework
  • Our People Insights Team can design, build and execute
  • Development action plan with key outcomes
  • Clear ROI
  • 24/7 support
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The Testgrid 360° evaluates both workplace behaviours and employee performance, which helps you understand an employees’ work style preferences and how to develop your team.

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Where to use?

The Testgrid 360° program can be used to gather data you can use to develop a team that works in symbiosis at multiple levels of your organisation.

Our 360° is a flexible tool that allows you to assess performance at every level of your organisation. 360° assessments are often used at leadership level but our tool can be bespoke to your business needs, values and customised based on seniority level within your business.

This provides you with 360° insight at each stage of your corporate hierarchy resulting in actionable development goals you can set at each level.

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Bespoke to Your Organisational Needs

There is a common notion that the 360° process is time-consuming and expensive. The Testgrid 360° can be rolled out and insights can be generated into a report and a clear development action plan within a month.

The Testgrid 360° customisation allows you to choose the questions, and competencies assessed or individual questions to gauge performance and match this feedback to workstyle preferences using behavioural assessments.

With all this you can also choose the length of the assessment and customise the report to fit the needs of your business.

  • Align to your competency or organisational frameworks
  • Align to your values
  • Customise your questions
  • Customise your report content
  • Enhance your organisational culture
  • Increase self awareness and reducing “group think”
  • Identify high performing talent to increase talent mobility
  • Measure performance on your key competencies, not generic
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The Testgrid 360° report provides an analysis of how often individuals display important behaviours at work as evaluated through the 360° degree feedback process. Scores are indicated on a five-point scale in terms of the frequency of a particular behaviour being displayed:

1 = Never
2 = Infrequently
3 = Sometimes
4 = Usually
5 = Always

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Development Plans and Clear Actions

The 360° created actionable reports and plans that you can implement, as well as access to debriefs from our People Insights Team. These actions will directly impact revenue and will provide you with a clear timeline to implement changes to your peoples’ development journey.

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If you would like to learn more about The Testgrid 360° get in touch or download the brochure. 

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