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From graduate recruitment to CMO hiring, Testgrid has a solution for all business types and sizes.

What do we do?

We provide science-backed pre-employment assessments that allow businesses to make smarter hiring decisions. Proudly Australian owned, Testgrid combines technology, psychology and data science expertise to empower organisations to accelerate performance, optimise selection, realise talent acquisition results and achieve their goals.

Volume Recruitment

Our technology allows you to top-grade the best candidates in your funnel and screenout candidates that d not match your criteria.

All while offering the best Candidate Expetrience.

  • Retail recruitment
  • Call centre hires
  • Apprentice hiring
  • Seasonal recruitment

Our Solutions


Applications in 24 hours


Reduction in time to hire


Increase in applications


Hires in under a month

Government Department Graduate Scheme


Completion rate


Reduction in Required Engagement Sessions


Introduced Emotional Intelligence Testing

Graduate Hiring

Graduate employers face many challenges – High volumes of applications, changing demographics, lack of relevant work experience, difficulty to identify candidates with the highest potential and the right soft skills etc.

  • Overcome post-Covid challenges
  • Graduate recruitment design and delivery
  • Hire for diversity

Our Solutions

Executive Recruitment

We provide assessments and HR Tech tools to screen and development specialist roles to highly senior level people.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing and working with a team
  • C-Level screening and Development
  • Cognitive ability assessments
  • Behavioural assessments

Our Solutions

We Help Australia’s Biggest Accounting Association Reduce Employee Turnover


Reduction in Time to Hire


Increase in Retention


Reduction in Recruitment Costs


Candidates Reported a Positive Experience

Australia’s largest brands trust Testgrid to help with their hiring process

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