Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments determine whether candidates possess the relevant skills acquired through experience.

Our extensive range of commonly used skills assessments cover skills across areas such as admin and clerical, data entry, typing, desktop and software, coding, data mining and analytics, digital literacy, industrial, retail, call centre and customer service, healthcare and medical, mathematics, finance and accounting, sales and business, cybersecurity, programming, and Microsoft Office.

They may include simulations and scenario-based questions, and are closely aligned with specific roles.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service skills assessments identify and measures candidates ability to perform in customer service role.

This includes the hard skills involved in a role, including the use of technology and process to the soft skills that are required to provide a positive experience for your customers.

These assessments can determine such elements as a candidate’s ability to up-sell to their ability to follow cyber security and compliance guidelines.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Identify personable, patient, and professional candidates
  • Discover candidates who can handle and respond to complex customer service challenges
  • Hire people with the skills and experience you require who will resolve problems with a customer-centric attitude


Office Skills

We have a variety of assessments that allow you to measure your candidates’ competency with the full range of Microsoft Office’s technology suite and other technology types.

With these assessments you can identify candidates ability with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other systems and measure the level of experience the candidate has with these systems.

These assessment are crucial in the vast majority of office roles and can include assessments that measure to typing speed all the way through to advanced Microsoft Office skills.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Enhance your organisations productivity
  • Guarantee that your hire people with the right certifications, skills and MS Office training.
  • Narrow down your candidate pool
  • Reduce bias with objective results



Are you looking for a Chartered Accountant, Management Consultant or a Head of Marketing?

These assessments measure your candidates’ ability to perform the functions in this role. An example would be a Head of Marketing candidate’s to create a strategy or an Accountant’s ability to analyse financial data.

These assessments are crucial when hiring mid to senior level staff and allow you measure the candidates practical ability in a plethora of disciplines.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Reduce time-to-hire by shortlisting the right candidates
  • Ensure consistency in your recruitment process
  • Validate candidate claims
  • Use to personalise development plans post hire


Blue collar

These assessments include tasks associated with a number of blue-collar roles.

These can be quick assessments to determine candidates’ ability to use a fork lift, Warehouse Safety and processes or an Engineers ability to use software or technology specific to their industry.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Ensure candidates possess necessary skills that aren’t evident in interviews such as time-management and critical thinking
  • Mitigate bias
  • Predict performance with a high degree of certainty
  • Differentiate between similar candidates



Our extensive range of Technology assessments range from establishing candidates’ ability to use certain software or platforms within a number of roles.

Some examples include a Graphic Designer’s ability to use the Adobe Suite to Digital Marketing professionals ability to use Google Ads.

Benefits & Use Cases

  • Reveal a candidate’s true technical skills and diminish the margin for skills information lost in communication.
  • Save valuable time by shortlisting candidates with correct skills and knowledge
  • Ensure versatility and security in your industry
  • Increase productivity

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