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Developing your people using psychometric assessments and feedback sessions


Testgrid work with organisations of all types, we find that change and digital transformation is often high on their agendas. Constantly striving to redefine their standards of excellence the investment in their people is vital to the continued success of the organisation.

“It was great to stand back and take the time to focus on our priorities and team focus. We are still talking about the day 6 months later.”

Understanding their people

Many people use Psychometric tools for recruitment, but then neglect to use the same data already captured to invest in those people when they join the organisation. Testgrid works closely with their partners to deliver leadingedge workshops and tools focusing on both individual and team development. Whether a team of 7 or 70, Testgrid supports their clients with the online tools and in-house facilitation to deliver a range of team workshops across multiple business functions including; Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Governance & Risk.

Testgrid have been able to support a range of clients by providing a diverse suite of Psychometric tools to suit the range of roles that organisations of all sizes have, and ensure that the tool and delivery process match the appropriate seniority levels.

By using highly proven and heavily researched tools such as HBDI, DiSC, Hogan and Saville Wave, Testgrid help their clients to understand their people, what drives them and where to focus the ongoing development investment for the future. By increasing both an individual’s self-awareness and analysing group traits and styles, organisations are in the best position to help develop their people and the significant ROI.

“… It is possible to improve the output of groups of people in a setting that requires learning, problem-solving and collaboration skills. The technique for improving group efficiency is this: be sure that the group is balanced in their thinking preferences”.

Charles G. DeRidder and Mark A. Wilcox

Developing our people

The next step from introducing the range of Psychometric Tools is to interpret the information, provide the feedback to the participants and start identifying development areas. Testgrid have worked with their partners on both 1 on 1 individual feedback sessions and group workshops. Both methods have their place, and both have delivered substantial benefits to the individual and the business as a whole. In fact, the feedback and comments from the participants often mention how the learnings will help them at home and their personal life:

“I really enjoyed this session and what we learnt will really help me manage my team and also assist me in my personal life.”

In addition, focusing on individual development and future leaders Testgrid work in partnership with many organisations to provide expert solutions to deliver individual development debriefs to multi-rater 360 tools designed to help any level of the business, and find out how their workers might compare with Global competitors. Talk to us today to help us understand what YOU want to achieve and how Testgrid can help get you there.

We assist our clients with talent development using psychometric tools in 3 easy steps.


Utilise highly proven and heavily researched psychometric tools to understand our client’s people.


Analyse the data gathered to generate insights; share that with the participants with constructive feedback.


Work on a 1-to-1 basis or in a small team, identify development areas with the participants.

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