Why Organisations Can No Longer Avoid The Benefits of Psychometric Testing

More and more businesses and government institutions are reaping the long-standing financial and non-financial benefits associated with psychometric testing.

We’re well into 2022, and the need to assess whether candidates are the right fit for a job is becoming more prevalent than ever. From a procurement, recruitment, talent acquisition, succession planning, or HR point of view, whichever way you look at it, psychometric testing can no longer be avoided.

The personality, behavioural traits, and competence of a candidate can be very difficult to ascertain during an interview. An interview process can be fairly subjective and although employers normally assess skills and experience very accurately, too much is left to first impressions and gut feel regarding aligned values.

This is precisely why psychometric assessments have such an important role to play in the recruitment process. Not only do they provide an objective view of one’s strengths and development areas but they also quantify a person’s current and potential skills and capabilities. All of this can be aligned to job requirements and organisational strategies.

The list of benefits is quickly becoming endless. From protecting organisations from the cost of a wrong hire to saving recruiters time and leading to better quality candidates.

Psychometric Testing Benefits

For employers, psychometric testing could help to employ job applicants with high levels of integrity, predict future performance of a candidate and improve employee retention by successful hiring decisions.

Assessments can also have further measurable return on investment. Once a candidate is selected, assessment results can be put to further use. Example: Personal development plans can be implemented, knowing who employees are and what motivates them. Results can also inform training requirements that are specific to individual needs, thereby assisting in optimising learning and development strategies.

The companies that have incorporated psychometric and competency-based assessments into their recruitment process have seen great improvements in their recruitment decisions. If you’re interested to learn how Testgrid could help in your organisations, talk to us today!

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