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Professional Services

Recruitment and development testing for the Professional Services sector.

Psychometric testing can play an important role in risk management for the professional services sector. Graduates and trainees are essential to the success of businesses inthis field, however their inexperience can leave organisations exposed. It is important that the professional services sector acquires talent who can learn quickly, understand the business, display courage, take accountability and act with integrity and in the best interest of the employer and the greater community.

The professional services sector is using tailored job fit tests to screen applicants and reduce their exposure to risk.

These assessments are tailor-made based on client’s specific organisation and job-relevant content. Cognitive and behavioural assessments also gauge aptitude and organisational/job fit.

Testgrid partners with clients in the professional services sector to deliver the latest recruitment testing and development tools.  Below is an overview of tests provided through our talent management platform.