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Video Interviewing

Recorded Video Interviewing is the simplest and most efficient way for organisations to conduct remote and first round interviews. Recruitment is a long, complex and time-consuming process, one that often fails to deliver the desired results. Hiring just the right candidate is often a hit-and-miss affair, a process hampered by (intended or unintended) interviewer bias and other random variables.

The trick is to reduce these variables while at the same time increasing efficiency and lowering cost. Video interviewing does this by improving the quality of candidates through a standardised and rigorous recruitment process. Video interviewing makes hiring more fair and equitable, and best of all ensures greater accuracy – improving your chances of landing the right candidate.

Video Interviewing can be used by recruiters and candidates from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows you to quickly identify the right candidates and progress them to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Benefits of video interviewing include:

  • Eliminates inappropriate interviewer questions & personal bias
  • Easier for multiple decision makers to review candidates
  • Standardised format ensures a level playing field
  • Reduces candidate nerves and anxiety especially for introverts
  • Filters more candidates in much less time to ensure a better cultural fit
  • Reduces cost of training recruiters and hiring managers
  • Encourages a more collaborative approach to hiring