Video Interviewing Software

Identify and screen top talent, faster than ever with pre-recorded and live video interviewing. Flexible, fair and secure technology that is set up in minutes and can be viewed and completed from anywhere in the world.

Expand your talent pool

Candidates can conduct their video interviews at a time and place of their liking, meaning geographical barriers are a thing of the past. Video interviewing reduces the need for phone screens, scheduling and face-to-face meetings and allows multiple stakeholders to review, rate and comment on individual candidates video interviews fro anywhere in the world.


  • 80% decrease in time-to-hire
  • 40% improvement in candidate experience
  • 60% reduction in recruitment costs
  • 47% increase in quality of hire
  • Reduced bias through diversity features
  • Australian data, support and development team

Identify talent quickly and fairly

The screening solutions allow you to interview fairly, welcoming diverse and neuro-divergent candidates by building unique candidate experiences. Make reasonable adjustments, hide candidate details, and review in audio only mode to minimise bias. Build knock out questions, automate scoring, and listen out for key words that a successful response should include, saving you hours and providing you with a shortlist of top candidates.

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Why Testgrid is the #1 tool recommended by employers

Proudly Australian owned, Testgrid combines technology, talent and pre-employment psychometric assessments, psychology and data science expertise.

We empower organisations to accelerate performance, optimise the selection, realise talent acquisition results and achieve their goals.

Access over 2500 pre-employment assessments

Our assessments are backed by science

Personalised support to deliver the best outcome

Australian owned and operated with local data centres

Enable faster and smarter hiring decisions. Take the first step to streamlining your recruitment process.



Reduction time to shortlist


Increase in sales performance


Reduction in staff turnover


of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric assessments

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    Case Studies

    “This recruitment tool is an effective and efficient mechanism to screen high volumes of candidates…”

    – Nina Pollard | National Head of Talent Acquisition, Coles


    Applications in 24 hours


    Reduction in time to hire


    Increase in applications


    Hires in under a month

    “The calibre of candidates at the engagement centres is much higher”

    – Tracy Wright | Lead, Service Proficiency, NAB


    Cost savings per year


    Required engagement sessions


    Candidates successful in final engagement

    700 > 50 hrs

    Reduction in recruitment time