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Helping place the right people into the right roles with the combined help of science and technology



Psychometric assessments work best when they're individually tailored to your situation

There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution, because we know that everybody and every business is different


Testgrid is the only independent provider of psychometric assessments in the market

                   Candidates Tested

                   Candidates Tested

Our psychometric assessment recommendations are based solely on your organisations unique requirements

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Abstract reasoning

Need a quick thinker? Someone who thinks on their feet with strong problem solving skills?

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Numerical reasoning

Looking for someone with top class analytical insights to interpret and report on numerical data? Someone who can track KPI's, review ROI and manage budgets?

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Verbal Reasoning

Need to fill a role that requires a high level of written or verbal communication?

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behavioural & competency assessments

 Whether you need a top performing sales professional or a detail-oriented engineering graduate, you can find a candidate with the right outlook and skill level for the job.


See how psychometric assessments are used to predict job performance


Our clients

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National Australia Bank (NAB) approached Testgrid searching for ways to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of their large-volume graduate recruitment program. Testgrid responded with a robust, innovative, and cost-effective solution.
— National Australia Bank

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Try it today with no minimums, or get in touch with us to find out how psychometric testing can work for your business

Not only are psychometric assessments the best indicator of on the job performance, they can also add the following benefits to your business

  1. Reduce recruitment costs by 30-40%
  2. Improve job performance by 25%
  3. Reduce turnover rates by 32%