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Your Rights as a Candidate

As a candidate undergoing psychometric testing, you will be providing an organisation with personal information and data. As such, it is a good idea for you to become acquainted with your rights within this process. The following provides a guide as to your personal rights and the responsibilities of the organisation to which you are applying:

  • The purpose for which the organisation is collecting personal information
  • How they intend to use it
  • Who they are going to give it to; and
  • How your personal information can be accessed

An organisation shall only obtain information about you for the purpose of employment screening with your knowledge and consent. When you commence a Testgrid online assessment you are giving that consent via a disclaimer on the candidate details screen.

This information is to be used only for the purpose it was collected, and it must be stored securely.

As a candidate you have the right to understand (Australian Federal Privacy Act, 1988):