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360 Degree (Multi-Rater) Feedback: Everybody Wins

The people, who work at the coalface of your business day in, day out, are your greatest resource. Without them you have no business. But how do you tap into their knowledge and expertise while at the same time improving performance and fostering a vibrant workplace culture?

360 Degree Feedback is the answer.

360 Degree Feedback is a process wherein your employees receive anonymous and confidential feedback from their peers, managers, and direct reports. Sometimes also suppliers and customers are included in the feedback loop.


Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback.

The critical benefit of a well implemented 360 Degree Feedback program is that it provides everyone with a safe environment and a constructive framework to receive feedback about their own performance. This has two major positive effects. Not only does it improve productivity and communication – benefitting the business as a whole, but it also improves the individual’s sense of ownership and engagement in their work inspiring them to greatness. It’s a win-win.

Other benefits of 360 Degree Feedback include:

  • Skills development – giving individuals a starting point for developing new skills and behaviours
  • Uncover blind spots and increase self-awareness – safe feedback enables an employee to understand their own behaviour from others’ perspective
  • Leverage strengths & weaknesses – identify if additional training is required and where


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