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The accuracy of talent acquisition can be significantly improved by the application of prescriptive analytics, along with proven pre-hire assessment science, to enhance the quality of hire, increase retention, and improve cultural fit.

Significant research has shown us us that “data-driven assessment” out-performs a managers’ interview on a consistent basis. That’s why we strive for continual innovation across our prescriptive analytics platform – to improve our ability to ultimately make the ‘perfect' prediction.

Our quest for the perfect prediction is based on:

  • Collection of robust data that represents talent strengths and gaps
  • Understanding of scientific principles that govern people’s behaviour
  • Application of data methodology that is business-impact focussed

Robust data analytics enable us to accelerate our clients’ organisational performance by advising them on what their historical data means and what they need to do next to improve overall business performance.

Our state of the art platform provides our clients with access to all of their organisational talent data in one location, making it easy to generate accurate prescriptive analytics. This is the true power of a cloud-based platform – robust data wherever and whenever you need it.