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Professional sales roles are highly competitive and demanding. Finding and retaining top-tier sales talent is therefore critical for sales-based businesses. Even more important: how do you find a sales professional who has the capability to move from mid-tier to top-achiever?

Candidates' inherent behaviours and aptitudes have a lot to do with it. These attributes can be identified through sales assessments that measure vital characteristics such as motivation, influential skills and resilience.


Your future sales leaders could be right in front of you.

Sales competency tests and career aptitude testing go a long way in helping to identify candidates who will thrive in a sales role.

Our sales assessments can help you identify candidates with the mental acuity, aptitude to succeed, and the critical corresponding attributes for further professional development.

The behaviours and competencies measured include:

  • Knowledge of business and product terminology
  • Updated sales practices and procedures
  • Motivation and self-starting
  • Comfortable with numerical data and sales charts
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Mental and emotional strength


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