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Ensure Safety is Top of Mind

Safety in the workplace is a critical concern for all organisations. It is important to manage the safety risks for employees in contact or close proximity to machinery, equipment or dangerous materials.

Safety assessments can help mitigate some of these dangers by identifying high-risk behaviours and attitudes in candidates during the recruitment phase.

Safety assessments offer insight into a candidate's ability to see, understand and evaluate the risks around them. Work styles and overall safety orientation are also measured to gauge judgement, dependability and the candidates ability to follow policies and procedures.


Why your candidates need these assessments.

Safety assessments benefit everyone involved. Employees are at less risk and employers benefit due to a reduction of sick days and injury claims.

The assessments measure behaviours including:

  • Workplace behaviour
  • Situational judgement
  • Sense of personal responsibility
  • Numerical testing
  • Scenario-based testing
  • Mechanical awareness and reasoning
  • Situational safety assessments


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