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Numerical Reasoning

Looking for someone with top class analytical insights to interpret and report on numerical data? Someone who can track KPI's, review ROI and manage budgets?

These candidates are in high demand and are invaluable resources for organisations around the globe. But how do you find them if they haven't yet developed their specialist expertise?

Numerical reasoning assessments are a great place to start. These tests measure a candidates core abilities and strengths in data interpretation, analysis and formation of logical conclusions. A candidate's general intellectual ability is measured by their ability to identify relationships and solve problems within numerical material.


Why test for numerical reasoning competencies?

Tracking your KPIs, reviewing ROI, and monitoring fluctuations in budgets requires a superior understanding and affinity for numerical data.

Numerical reasoning assessments provide strong insights into a candidate's abilities, including:

  • Collection, analysis and reporting of numerical data
  • Aligning data results with business goals and objectives
  • Efficient and insightful identification of data trends or issues such as performance figures, production fluctuations and financial returns
  • Ability to interpret data and present in non-technical terms for key stakeholders


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