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Microsoft Skills Assessments

Technology is ever-changing in the workplace, yet there are foundation skills that remain invaluable in candidates and new hires. Need top-notch administrative professionals? Looking for candidates with the skills and confidence to jump right into a call centre role?

Our Microsoft skills assessments measure a broad range of administrative and software skills across multiple industries so that your candidates are productive from their very first day. 


Testgrid identifies today's essential business skills

We have aptitude tests for all levels of competency so you can identify the best-fit candidate for your role.

Skills we test include:

  • General clerical
  • Adaptability
  • Microsoft software skills
  • Business-essential software skills
  • Written communication
  • Proofreading and error checking
  • Call centre phone system skills


For expertise in psychometric testing & assessment choose Testgrid.

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We are the only independent test provider in the market, giving us the freedom to offer you a range of options for your testing and assessment needs. Let us help you with your HR solutions.

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