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Emotional Intelligence Assessments

What is the secret to effective leadership, inspiring greater productivity or creating a thriving team environment? An essential element in achieving all of these outcomes involves developing the Emotional Intelligence of your talent. 

Emotional Intelligence assessments: the keys to future success.

Emotional Intelligence is the measurement of an individual's capacity to use and manage emotions in the workplace. If you require a strong team player or to develop a candidate for a future leadership role, you'll want someone with a high Emotional Intelligence capacity.

Why? Because the skills and competencies associated with high Emotional Intelligence are manifest in effective leadership, proactive staff, relationship development and outstanding managerial skills.

Competencies and skills measured include:

  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Behavioural management skills such as emotional self-control and management of others
  • Cognisance of the emotions of others
  • Performance enhancement through positive emotional support
  • Efficient problem solving skills

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