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Identify Critical Customer Service Skills

When your industry requires professionals with highly attuned business acumen and communication skills you can't afford to wait until your new hire starts to see if they can do the job.

Business reasoning assessments measure the tactical and strategic problem solving skills of your candidates so that you can make the smart hiring choice.

Customer service assessments take the guesswork out of identifying your candidate strengths and weaknesses by providing measured indicators of skill, aptitude and competencies.

What customer service assessments measure.

Looking for your next Account Service Representative or Customer Service Agent? Customer service assessments are designed to measure the specific competencies and aptitudes vital to customer support and service roles.

Competencies and aptitudes measured include:

  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Teamwork
  • Building relationships
  • Phone manner
  • Self management Communication skills
  • Aptitude and compatibility with the current workforce
  • Problem solving skills


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