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Identify Top-Tier Talent with Business Reasoning Assessments

When your industry requires professionals with highly attuned business acumen and skills you can't afford to wait until your new hire starts to see if they can do the job. Business reasoning assessments measure the tactical and strategic problem solving skills of your candidates so that you can make the smart hiring choice.

Whether you are looking to fill an entry-level role or a mid-management position, identifying critical thinking skills provides invaluable insight into the potential leadership skills and competency of your talent.

What can you learn from business reasoning tests?

Business reasoning assessments measure core reasoning and problem solving skills applicable in a business and professional setting.

These skills include:

  • Decipher data and diagrams
  • Understand the big picture while retaining the details
  • Detect errors in logic and gaps in information
  • Strategic thinking
  • Logical reasoning
  • Ability to draw conclusions from facts

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