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Need a top-performing sales professional? Or a detail-oriented engineering graduate? No matter your industry, behaviours and competency assessment tests help identify top candidates with the right outlook, skill levels for the job. 

The psychometric tests provide insight into how well your candidates will handle role-related activities. Competency assessments help identify your candidates' abilities to do the job. Behavioural assessments measure how well they will cope while in their role.

Every competency has associated favourable behavioural traits. When these traits are identified and measured, they can indicate a prospect's current capabilities and future career development.

Why it's important to align your candidates behaviours and competencies with your organisation’s culture.

When filling a role, it's vital to ensure your candidate not only meets experience and skill set requirements but also matches the role's behavioural requirements.

Behavioural and competencies measurements include:

  • Dependability
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Natural learning capability
  • Communication expertise
  • Problem solving
  • Performance under pressure
  • Cultural fit

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