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Abstract Reasoning Assessment for Targeted Talent Acquisition

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Need a quick learner? A candidate who thinks on their feet? Abstract Reasoning assessments are excellent indicators of your prospects’ problem-solving skills and conceptual thinking abilities.

When you need a candidate who can take conceptual ideas and transfer them into real-world solutions, or spot new trends as they emerge, you need a strong conceptual thinker.

If keeping an eye on the bigger picture while still promoting the finer details is a key capability in your new hire, abstract reasoning assessments can help you identify the right person for the job.

What can you learn from the abstract reasoning test?

Abstract Reasoning tests can help identify lateral thinkers.

Abstract reasoning assessments measure key competencies in business including:

  • Ability to identify patterns and relationships in data
  • Logical reasoning
  • Information integration and application to problem solving
  • Natural learning capability
  • Systemic approach to problems and developments
  • Identify the best candidates for your role; whether you have an entry level position to fill in the Mining sector, or an executive role in Healthcare, ensure your candidates' abstract reasoning skills are the best-fit for your needs.