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Testgrid coupled flexibility in tools with lower priced reporting options and some efficiencies in execution and cost. Also, conducting the mapping of the behavioural profile to the TAC capability model to help demonstrate its relevance, was a great value-add.
— Leanne Micallef, Talent Consultant, TAC

The Challenge

The TAC offers an exciting Graduate Program from which recent university graduates can launch their careers. The program duration is 2 years and develops Graduates in an accelerated manner to create a future talent pipeline for the TAC. TAC sought to improve and update its graduate recruitment process by integrating online psychometric testing.

Targeted Outcomes

To select high quality graduates
To reduce time to hire
To select assessments which are psychometrically valid and have market reputation
To select assessments that are relevant to the TAC Leadership Model
To reduce recruitment costs
To gain buy-in from the business for using psychometric assessments as part of the recruitment process

The Solution

Testgrid successfully implemented a robust, flexible and cost effective solution for the TAC, using a battery of cognitive ability assessments to screen and behavioural assessments to select candidates. The Testgrid solution provided the decision makers at the TAC with a ranking of candidates using a group report for easy comparison of multiple candidates, and shortlisting candidates with higher cognitive abilities to succeed, for the next stage of the recruitment process. 

Testgrid recommended a behavioural assessment which is highly aligned to the TAC Leadership Model, which allowed the TAC to identify candidates who have greater potential for success at the TAC. Testgrid not only offered a wide range of assessments, but also provided flexible, lower priced reporting options to suit the TAC’s needs for access to both summary profiles for selection in the later process, and comprehensive development report to enhance the graduate on-boarding process. 

The Outcome

With Testgrid advanced technology, the TAC was able to administrate all assessments at once and download the behavioural reports for shortlisted candidates at the later stage without adding any costs. This sped up the recruitment process and reduced recruitment costs. 

By implementing a valid and reliable behavioural assessment which aligned to the TAC’s Leadership Model, the TAC was able to make reliable decisions around behavioural and cultural fit of graduates, and their leadership potential, which helped inform relevant development planning for graduates. 

Testgrid has successfully demonstrated expert knowledge in graduate recruitment and thorough understanding of the TAC’s needs and have satisfied the way in which the TAC wished to use the information. As such, the TAC graduate team were able to demonstrate great value to the business, of implementing psychometric tests as part of the recruitment process. 


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