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When sitting the test

Once you are logged in and have filled in your personal details, you will be taken to your personal Home Page where the tests you have been asked to complete will be located in a table at the bottom of the screen. This table contains information about the duration of each test, and the number of sections within each test. A duration time of 0 mins means that the test is not timed.

Each individual test will contain instructions for you to read prior to commencement, and many of them also have sample questions. When you are ready to begin, all you need to do is click on the first test in the list.

Please note that you will need to complete them in the designated order. When any test is completed you must click on the Finish Test or Finish Section button to send your results back to the database. Do not close your browser window until you have returned to your home page. Once you have completed all of your testing and have arrived back at the home page, selecting the logout button ensures that the results are automatically uploaded to the Testgrid database.