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Program 3: The Impact Program

The Impact Program is a 6- or 12-month "in-house" program to support and sustain long-term change with measurable results. This "in-house" program can be customised for your company’s specific needs and culture.

This program is designed to offer companies additional options to oil the “squeaky hinges” or build dynamic leaders who are continually seeking career development.  This can assist companies with issues such as employee retention, team morale, succession planning, employee engagement and strategic team alignment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve stepped improvement in leadership performance, specifically in the areas described for the Leadership Intensive +™ (Program 2)
  • Improve visibility of the participant within their business via an agreed internal project with interaction with say, their Manager’s Manager
  • Achieve demonstrable ROI, measured against performance on an important internal project

Overview & Approach:

The Impact Program includes...

  • Leadership Intensive +™ - (Program 2)
  • Work-based project for maximum impact
  • Work-style assessment and debrief
  • Monthly group-based training and implementation sessions to deepen and stabilise content introduced in the Leadership Intensive +™.  Support of practical application and introduction of additional Leadership skills including communication, facilitation and recruitment.
  • Monthly coaching sessions (to help participants grow as a leader) 
  • Monthly mentoring sessions (to help with the practical side of their role)
  • Monthly online Q&A webinars / tutoring
  • Monthly accountability sessions (with their accountability partner from the program)
  • Internal progress sessions (ROI)


  • Participants: 10-16 attendees
  • Duration: 6 months (12 month option available)
  • Audience: Established and emerging leaders