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Saville Assessment Update

We would like to let you know that Saville will be retiring some of their older assessments on 31 July 2017. New assessments to replace these retiring assessments have been released on the Testgrid platform.

We recommend that you switch to using the new reports as soon as possible, and ensure that all testing using the old assessments is completed by 31 July 2017, as the assessments will stop functioning thereafter.

A list of the assessments being retired and the new assessments now available is below:

New Old
Swift Comprehension Aptitude Rx (IA) Swift Comprehension Aptitude IA
Verbal Comprehension Aptitude Rx (IA) Verbal Comprehension Aptitude IA
Numerical Comprehension Aptitude Rx (IA) Numerical Comprehension Aptitude IA
Error Checking Aptitude Rx (IA) Error Checking Aptitude IA
Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Rx (IA) N/A
Diagrammatic Analysis Aptitude Rx (IA) Diagrammatic Analysis-R (IA) TPE
Numerical Analysis Aptitude Rx (IA) Numerical Analysis Aptitude-R (IA)
Verbal Analysis Aptitude Rx (IA) Verbal Analysis Aptitude R (IA)
Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical Rx (IA) Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical-R (IA)
Swift Executive Aptitude Rx (IA) Swift Executive Aptitude-R (IA)
Swift Analysis Aptitude Rx (IA) Swift Analysis Aptitude-R (IA)

If you have any questions regarding the change to the Saville assessments, please contact your account manager or email