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Saville Product Changes


As of 23rd January, the Competency Potential Profile will feature a revised colour scheme for scoring. The introduction of a green gradient (as opposed to the previous traffic light system) will allow for feedback to be framed more positively.


Please note that Saville Consulting Assessments are retiring a number of reports in 2017:

  • Types Report will no longer be available as of 30th June

The following Wave and Focus reports are being phased out also and will no longer be available as separate reports, from the 31st  of January:

  • Full Psychometric Profile (Wave Professional Styles)
  • Summary Psychometric Profile (Wave Professional Styles)
  • Psychometric Profile (Wave Focus Styles)
  • Predicted Culture/Environment Fit (Wave Professional & Focus Styles)

For more information on any of the above, please contact your Account Manager.