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Unconscious Bias Training

If you have a brain, you are biased!

Workplace diversity makes good business sense – this much we know from data.

However, it’s not only good for business, it also has a positive impact on our individual health and happiness, as research has shown.

Then why do we still hold back on realising the potential of diversity in our workplaces?

Our biases play a strong role in this. It takes only 150 ms to notice skin colour and 100ms to notice gender. How do you think your brain is using that information to aid it’s decision-making?

Privilege is invisible to those who have it, but by becoming more aware of this, we can make a difference in how we distribute job opportunities.

If diversity matters to you and your organisation, then take the time to learn more about unconscious bias and how it’s impact can be minimised.

The training session includes:

  • Introduction to Unconscious Bias: origins and purpose
  • Impact of Unconscious Bias in the workplace: recruitment and beyond
  • Types of Unconscious Bias to be mindful of
  • Management Strategies at the individual and organisational levels

Cost: $2,500 + GST for up to 15 participants if booked before 30th June 2016*

Duration: 3 hours

Please contact here to take advantage of this limited offer.

  • Session must be booked for a date before 31 December 2016.