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National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank (NAB) approached Testgrid searching for ways to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of their large-volume graduate recruitment program. Testgrid responded with a robust, innovative, and cost-effective solution.
— National Australia Bank

The Challenge

National Australia Bank has over 12,700,000 customers, 42,000 employees, operating with more than 1,700 stores and business banking centres globally.

The bank was renowned for their competitive and high-quality graduate program but needed ways to improve the high-volume recruitment process while not compromising quality or speed.

The key objectives were to:

  • Select high quality candidates
  • Increase efficiency of the recruitment process
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Select and customise assessments aligned to NAB’s own leadership capability framework
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Provide the best support and experience to candidates as they moved through the process

The Solution

Testgrid successfully delivered a robust, innovative, and cost-effective solution, implementing a battery of cognitive ability assessments, video interviewing, and behavioural assessments to select candidates.

With nearly 4,500 candidates to sort through, our solution provided decision makers with a ranking of candidates’ cognitive abilities using a group report for easy comparison to enable accurate and efficient advancement to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Innovative video interviewing technology was also introduced to the recruitment process for the first time. The use of video enabled the hiring team to select the most suitable candidates based on communication skills and cultural fit.

Additionally, Testgrid used a customised mapping process to align candidates’ behavioural assessment to the bank’s own capability framework to maximise application of test results.

Testgrid also provided tailored, capability-based guides to enable interview panels to assess candidates against desired capabilities and accurately identify those who possessed future leadership potential.


The Outcome

Utilising Testgrid’s advanced technology, NAB was able to administrate all assessments immediately and also to download behavioural reports for shortlisted candidates later in the process, with no added cost.

The number of scheduled assessment centres was reduced by over 40% due to the efficiency of video interviewing. Video interviewing also helped recruiters to make offers to high performing, internal candidates much earlier on in the process -- reducing time-to-hire significantly.

Further to this, video interviewing improved the candidates’ experience of the process, with a completion rate of 98%. As a result, this innovative and robust approach successfully reduced time-to-hire by 18%, reduced assessment centre costs by $57,600, and reduced the overall cost of the recruitment campaign by $100,000.

By using the customised interview guides based on each graduate’s individual performance in behavioural and cognitive assessments, the interviewers were able to examine specific strengths and development areas unique to each graduate.

Through a combination of multiple data points the NAB recruitment team were able to improve their decision making power and accuracy. They were also empowered to make more reliable decisions on behavioural and cultural fit and graduates’ leadership potential, enabling fast-tracking of high potential candidates into development programs.

Testgrid’s contribution successfully demonstrated expert knowledge and an in-depth understanding of NAB’s recruitment requirements and satisfied all strategic objectives. Testgrid were able to contribute to and facilitate the graduate team’s ability to demonstrate great value to the entire business across Australia and globally.


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