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Program 1: Leadership Training Workshops

Are you new to leadership? Or feeling ‘stuck’ and frustrated in your current leadership role? Then this program is perfect for you.

If you’re new to leadership, and you’ve just won the opportunity to lead your team, it’s an exciting time, and the “honeymoon period” of new leadership is a golden opportunity, and one not to be wasted. Now the hard work really begins. Successfully kicking off your new career as a leader is important to your self-image, and not only in how confident you feel in the act of leading, but in how other people – your team members – view you as a leader.

If you’re currently in a leadership role but feeling like you’re only just barely ‘treading water’ you may need some fresh ideas and an inspiring new plan of attack. Your team may feel wary, maybe even disillusioned or overwhelmed. So how do you win their trust and confidence? This program will help you forge a new direction, (re)build team morale, and foster greater trust and confidence in your abilities as a leader. Learn how to lead your team out of the negativity and into the light.

This program will provide practical skills and tactics to help you instil confidence in your team so they’ll feel relief in that at last someone has a solid plan and they can trust you, their leader. You’ll also learn how to deal with the sceptics and doubters — your toughest audience.

The Leadership Training Workshops are our initial flagship program of leadership courses. It provides a solid introduction to leadership training. You may choose one 4-hour workshop, or all four.


Session 1. Creating your 30 day Plan (of your new leadership role, or how to assess your current leadership role).

Learning Objectives:

  • How to make what’s invisible, visible
  • How to assess health and strategic alignment of your business in key leadership areas
  • What is important and why?
  • Practical things you can do in your own workplaces right now

Overview & Approach:

  • High-energy, team based activity
  • Facilitated review of key areas of your businesses to identify areas of stress or where improvement can be beneficial

Session 2. Create Your Leadership Blueprint

Learning Objectives:

  • Review Session 1 content - what was discovered / observed?
  • How to create an environment for team success
  • How to improve strategic alignment
  • Implementing projects of importance when team is stressed or stretched
  • Improving and measuring accountability
  • Improving culture and team morale so team self-navigates and self-motivates
  • Learn and customise the blueprint specifically to your own workplace

Overview & Approach:

  • Structured workshop with a focus on practical and accelerated learning
  • Designed to help participants learn, customise, and then apply a proven leadership blueprint

Session 3. Communicating to Achieve Buy-In

Learning Objectives:

How to draw out innovative thinking from your team

  • Align your team to a strategy
  • Improve culture and accountability
  • Effectively communicate and facilitate almost any topic with any audience

Overview & Approach:

  • Highly practical approach to enable participants to develop skills that will accelerate their leadership impact


Session 4. Innovation that “sticks"

Learning Objectives:

  • Building high performing and creative teams
  • Steps to make what's invisible visible
  • Steps to improve team communication
  • How to innovate and get ‘strategic buy-in’ from a team
  • Practical application within participants' own workplaces

Overview & Approach:

  • Centered around a high-energy, team based business simulation activity.

Logistics (for all 4 sessions):

  • Duration: Morning session
  • Audience: Established and emerging leaders, business owners and those seeking to build their own business