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Leadership Training Courses

The best business leaders forge their leadership mettle via the daily experience of active and engaged leadership. They’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They live and breathe the day-to-day challenges of successfully leading their teams and make difficult decisions with confidence, resilience, and self-awareness.

Not only does this depth of experience make for inspiring leaders, but also it creates those rare individuals with the mental resilience, intelligence, and emotional awareness to successfully teach leadership to others. It’s this practical experience of leadership that truly sets Testgrid’s leadership trainers apart.

Key Benefits of Testgrid’s Approach to Leadership Training

Our C-suite experienced leadership trainers have done their time as corporate and business leaders and are rich in business leadership experience. With decades of thinking on their feet, and making critical decisions in the moment, they possess key leadership qualities such as adaptability, accountability, emotional intelligence, and the ability to deal constructively with criticism.

They have earned their C-suite seniority in the hard way, and know the challenges of leadership intimately enough to teach them successfully and develop our next generation of leaders.

They understand that leadership can be learned and developed in a way that makes leaders, and their teams feel motivated, inspired, and committed to their work.

Key Benefits of Testgrid’s Approach to Leadership Training

Testgrid Consulting believes that there are benefits in both mixed-company leadership training and in-house training.

Our mixed-company leadership training enables aspiring and existing leaders to mix and share ideas from diverse industries in a learning environment. The outcomes of this approach are most evident via the highly accelerated learning experience available in the Leadership Intensive+™ program.

For in-house sessions we facilitate interactive and inspiring training courses customised to your particular organisation and designed to meet your team’s unique requirements. Participants will gain powerful insights and real-world, practical leadership skills, and most importantly, they’ll feel motivated to put them into action. 

Core Leadership Themes

Just a sampling of our current and upcoming course themes include:

  • Who are you -- as a leader?
  • How to get out of your comfort zone
  • Expanding your leadership confidence so you feel ‘big enough’ to do the job
  • What does ‘stepping up’ mean to you?
  • Dependency on your team – why leaders always eat last
  • Risk management strategies for when you’re reaching further than you ever have before
  • Practical tips and techniques you can use straight away

Ideal Audience

Our leadership courses are ideal for…

  • C-suite executives seeking better outcomes
  • C-suite high potential individuals
  • Career change executives or parents re-entering the workforce
  • Aspirational or recently promoted supervisors, managers, and executives

Current Leadership and Talent Development Programs: 

  1. Leadership Training Workshops
  2. Leadership Intensive+™
  3. The Leadership Impact Program