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Ergon Energy

Through our partnership with Testgrid we have been able to tailor a solution which exceeded our expectations.
— Amelia Booth, Organisational Development Advisor (Graduate), Ergon Energy

The Challenge

Ergon Energy is an electricity distributor to homes and businesses in regional Queensland. Ergon Energy supplies electricity to over 700,000 customers across a service area of more than one million square kilometres equalling approximately 97% of the geographical state of Queensland. Ergon Energy has around 5,000 employees and a $10.6 billion asset base.

Ergon Energy pride themselves on providing a culture that empowers graduates to take charge of their development and career direction. The focal point of the Graduate Program is a three-year rotational plan that allows Graduates to experience various business divisions in different geographic locations.

The graduate selection methodology at Ergon Energy utilises behavioural assessments to identify ability, strengths and development areas for each candidate. Ergon Energy wanted to tailor the reports generated through behavioural assessments to facilitate a comparison of each candidate against the leadership competencies and values of the organisation.

Ergon Energy also identified an opportunity to further leverage upon the results obtained through these behavioural assessment reports to generate tailored and unique development guides. 


The Solution

Ergon Energy took an innovative approach to the graduate selection process by maximising the benefit of using personality assessments through the use of competency-based guides via Testgrid Oxygen™ platform. By mapping the Testgrid 44 universal competencies to Ergon Energy leadership competencies and organisational values.

Ergon Energy was able to use a recruitment guide that provided competency specific scores for each of the graduates. Instead of needing in-depth consulting and interpretation to link assessment results to Ergon Energy leadership competencies and organisation values, the report provided scores directly aligned to Ergon Energy requirements, in Ergon Energy specific language.

In addition, the recruitment guide consists of both generic and competency-based interview questions against the most critical competencies and values. The recruitment guide was also designed in such a way to allow assessors to further explore strengths and potential risk areas in more depth through relevant behavioural interview questions. 

For all successful graduates, Ergon Energy provided a development guide which helped to coach graduates to build strengths and improve development areas against each of the Ergon Energy competencies and values. Graduates are then able to utilise this guide, with the support of their mentors and supervisors, to support their development conversations throughout their career. 


The Outcome

With Testgrid advanced technology, the recruitment and development guides were available immediately for use and aligned assessment results to Ergon Energy leadership competencies and values.

This solution created maximum value to the business by ensuring Ergon Energy are able to select and develop graduate talent in alignment with leadership and organisational talent requirements. This process has developed a positive experience for the line managers and has gained significant support across Ergon Energy recruitment, organisational development and leadership teams. 

This customised solution has supported Ergon Energy in identifying the best quality and most well suited candidates for their Graduate Development Program, and allows for the establishment of targeted and relevant development plans to further support the organisation in delivering on their talent strategy outcomes.


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