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Engineering & Manufacturing

Recruitment and development testing for the Engineering & manufacturing sector

Accelerated growth in the engineering and manufacturing sector is making it increasingly challenging to attract and retain the right talent. In addition to attracting the right people with the correct cultural fit, recruiters face tremendous pressure to achieve safety-related KPI’s.

Engineering and manufacturing organisations need to also consider succession planning for key roles to reduce risk and lessen the chance of losing knowledge or expertise. Selecting a robust online testing and development platform is essential to achieving these goals.

As engineering and manufacturing companies grow, they require more innovative and adaptable employees to keep up with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Behavioural testing is helping the engineering and manufacturing sector to recruit and develop the right candidates to ensure overall business productivity and efficiency. Online safety testing is also helping the sector improve its safety record.

Testgrid partners with our clients in the engineering and manufacturing sector to deliver the latest recruitment testing and development tools, through what is (arguably) the most advanced talent management platform in the world.

Following is an overview of tests and development tools for the engineering and manufacturing sector.