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diversity in recruitment

In Australia, 50.2% of the population are female and 64.6% are of non-Australian ancestry. It logically follows that our workplaces should be reflective of this composition, therefore representing the society that we live in and the communities that we serve. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In a recent report by Diversity Council Australia, into the culture of ASX 200 listed business leaders, it was found that no chief-execs have indigenous background, and only 16.3% of CEO’s are women, while 93% of board chairs were men.

While it might seem common sense that diversity is good for business, many organisations still struggle to articulate a coherent and robust business case for consistent and targeted investment in diversity. The reality is that diversity is good news for everyone involved: communities, organisations, employees and customers – and it can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Testgrid work with clients to optimise your recruitment process, enabling you to hire more diverse talent. We then work with organisations to deliver Unconscious Bias Training and introduce Inclusive Leadership practices that allow you to maximise the benefit of the diverse talent you have recruited.

We have recently delivered diversity initiatives for these clients:

  •  Coles
  • Department of Health
  • National Australia Bank
  • Oxford University Press
  • Water Corporation
  • Coca Cola