ChatGPT is Here.

Get Ready Now.

ChatGPT is being used in recruitment by candidates and recruiters alike, and unless you have the right measures in place, it’s not great for your recruitment process. The AI language model is being used to complete resumes, create cover letters and a lot more making your current screening tactics redundant.

The latest version of the AI was released in November 2022 but luckily, we have been monitoring the evolution of ChatGPT and developed strategies to mitigate the risk associated with AI.

With over 100 million sign ups in its first month, ChatGPT is causing a stir in all industries with its ability to write complex essays and even website development code. So if you think your recruitment process is safe. Think again.

Sign up below for ChatGPT Consultation and let us help you prepare an action plan for the most disruptive technology since the introduction of the internet.

Don't get Left Behind

The death of  the resume is no longer a point of discussion. ChatCGPT can write a resume in under a minute and complete many parts of the recruitment process easily. Speak to our experts and get ready.

  • Learn just how at risk your recruitment process is
  • Understand the tactics you can implement now to combat ChatGPT
  • Identify top talent in a coming world of AI-generated job applications

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