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Congratulations. You are here because we empower organisations to achieve success through you.

We facilitate companies to look beyond your resume and focus on other attributes and skills that make you unique and well-suited for any given role.

To do so, we provide psychometric and behavioural assessments, video interviewing and many other talent acquisition and development services to ensure organisations look at you objectively, fairly and holistically, enable them to make faster and smarter hiring decisions.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Recommended internet browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

Complete the practice questions at the start.

Keep an eye on the timer as many of the assessments are timed.

Create some time and space where you will be free from interruptions, so you can concentrate fully when you complete your assessment(s).

Try to work quickly, you can skip questions (on most assessments) and come back to them, don’t get caught on a single question.

Answer honestly and authentically, many of the assessments have inbuilt consistency markers – your potential employer wants to see your real personality.

There is no need to do dozens of practice tests, this is highly unlikely to improve your scores.

Prepare for the tests by logging in and understanding the types of testing you are being asked to complete and how long these will take.

Trial the demo tests to get familiar with the style, you can do this here

If you have any technical issues and need to troubleshoot all of your answers can be  found on here

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