TUH Case Study

How Testgrid assisted TUH to create a diverse talent pool and reduce their time to hire.


TUH wanted to increase their diversity of talent through the use of psychometric assessments in the early stages of recruitment. By working with Testgrid, TUH were able to streamline their recruitment process and reduce their time to hire.

“With the help of Testgrid’s psych team, we have implemented new testing aligned with our big variety of roles. We’ve received a great positive response to this from our hiring managers.”

Lise Edgar, TUH

About TUH

TUH Health Fund was founded in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union. Based in Queensland, the fund is a not for-profit organization and offers health insurance to a broad range of Australians such as teachers, nurses, fire-fighters and government mployees, who spend their working lives looking after others.

They have been voted number one trustworthiness, customer satisfaction and advocacy in a recent nationwide health fund survey. The successful hiring and retention of staff is key to retaining this position.

The Challenge

TUH previously used a range of psychometric assessments as part of the recruitment process, typically at the final stages.

They wanted the ability to use a larger variety of assessments early on in their recruitment process, to increase the diversity of the talent pool. In addition, TUH were also reviewing a new applicant tracking system to streamline their processes and allow an increased level of automation to be utilised. They wanted to:

  • Manage all candidate communications and assessment invitations within the system
  • Accept a benchmark score or pass/fail status for each candidate, allowing for a multi-stage process
  • See all assessment scores and applicable reports in the candidate record
  • Provide simple group reporting allowing candidates to be easily ranked
  • Manage candidate access to testing by candidates logging in directly into the Applicant Tracking System

The Solution

Testgrid engaged with TUH as part of the implementation project for their new Applicant Tracking System. TUH reviewed their end to end process and analysed the requirements for the large range of roles that they typically hire each year, including customer service roles, administration and management.

TUH began using Testgrid’s services for urgent roles, before the new ATS was rolled out. Testgrid worked alongside the TUH recruitment team to review the role descriptions and identified a range of assessments that would provide the required insights, these included:

Genos Emotional Intelligence
Saville Wave Workstyles Assessment
Cognitive ability assessments

Following additional discussions, TUH identified a requirement for a quick and candidate friendly personality assessment. Testgrid recommended one of their new tools, Traitify, a 90 second picture-based personality assessment. The TUH talent team are constantly engaging with Testgrid on the most suitable assessment options for their roles, to take advantage of Testgrid’s range of over 2,500 assessments.

With the help of Testgrid’s simplified and integrated process, TUH were able to significantly reduce their time to hire. The enhanced candidate experience has been very positive, with the ability to complete the assessments on tablet and mobile devices.

“I find Testgrid’s assistance and support to be extremely speedy, always friendly and very helpful. Time is of the essence with recruitment and a fast response to any issues or questions is greatly appreciated”

Lisa Edgar, TUH

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