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The Challenge

Testgrid was commissioned by a government department to assist with their graduate recruitment. The department was investing considerably in multiple systems to manage its recruitment process. This often resulted in duplication of effort, as graduates had to complete multiple applications for multiple generalist roles causing a poor candidate experience.

The department was dedicated to ensuring it met its diversity and inclusion goals and required a solution that would remove the opportunity for unconscious bias.

Additionally, the department was experiencing high turnover from graduates who would move on from the department into the private sector. It was critical to the department that they gained the ability to identify candidates who would enjoy life in the public sector and become long-term employees.

The key requirements

  • Facilitate the department’s Affirmative Measure program
  • Attract indigenous candidates
  • Ensure process can be completed by neurodiverse candidates
  • Screen candidates using assessments to identify graduates looking for lifelong careers in the public sector
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The Solution

Stage 1 - Cognitive Assessments

This stage included identifying the graduates with the right cognitive ability to succeed in the department. This was achieved through Trio Essentials assessments. These assessments are designed to be completed across multiple platforms and can be easily submitted on mobile devices.

Modifications to the assessment were made to accommodate affirmative measures by removing the time limit on the assessment. In addition, candidates were screened to ensure they had the correct working rights to gain employment in government.

Abstract Reasoning

abstract reasoning

Video Interviewing

One-way video interviewing allowed our client to interview up to 10 candidates in the same time it takes to do one phone interview without the candidate having to travel to the organisation. The hiring manager simply had to look through a series of short videos, which allowed more candidates to be interviewed and progression decisions made faster.

Video Interview

Stage 2 - Competency Mapping

Improving candidate experience was crucial throughout the entire project and in stage 2 the department was able to nurture candidates as they went through the process. A welcome interview was introduced and a separate interview was designed for Affirmative Measures candidates.

We worked with the department to develop a bespoke matrix based on previous data that allowed the department to map their competencies and ensure that only candidates with aligned behaviors and traits to succeed in the position were shortlisted.

candidate experience

Stage 3 - Emotional Intelligence

Both the department and the AAGE cite Emotional Intelligence (EI) as an important factor when hiring graduates, so Genos was used to establish if the graduates had the correct emotional traits to align with the department. This assessment measures how well an individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent behaviors in comparison to others.


genos ei

Saville Work Strengths was used to identify if the candidates’ work and behavioural preferences were in line with the roles and department culture. This assessment summarises responses from different raters to the 39-45 questions across a seven-point effectiveness scale and is customisable to suit specific project requirements. The assessment is easily accessible and is optimised for tablet or desktop delivery, so there is no need to download an app.

Saville Work Strengths

saville work strengths
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The Result

Improved CX with a Centralised Application System

The department went from graduates having to apply for individual roles to one centralised system, where candidates could apply for multiple roles with one application. This was crucial in ensuring an enhanced candidate experience that streamlined the best talent through to the department.

Completion Rates

The completion rates for the department boosted significantly from 56% up to over 85% across the stages. This is a significant indicator that the Candidate Experience was greatly improved and that candidates were finding it much easier to apply for the roles they sought after.

Below are the completion rates for each of the stages:

  • Stage 1 – 94%
  • Stage 2 – 87%
  • Stage 3 – 95%

Filled Roles

As a result of the project the department was able to achieve the quotas for hiring including meeting the diversity and inclusion targets. The strategy is still in place the department continues to work with the Testgrid team to optimise their processes.

Time to Hire

Time to hire was greatly reduced through the reduction in engagement sessions required and the profiling of candidates allowed hiring managers to understand the talents pool’s cognitive ability, behaviours, and work preferences, which made progression much faster.

Hiring Quality

The quality of candidates was much higher thanks to the assessments and the work preference profile allowed the department to hire people that wanted life-long careers in the public sector.

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