What makes Testgrid stand tall and shine is our responsiveness. No one can beat us on how fast and efficiently we perform, and how effective our solutions are.

To Testgrid, responsiveness is about speed and value:

  • How fast we respond to the challenges and changing needs of our customers
  • The “value” we provide by effectively meeting and exceeding our customers’  needs.



  • Are flexible, agile and proactive.
  • Quickly identify and respond to your needs.
  • Offer tailored and cost-effective solutions.
  • Always respond in a timely manner. 
  • Follow up and rectify issues promptly.
  • Not only meet but exceed your expectations.
  • Deliver what is promised, seamlessly and consistently.
  • Take pride in going above and beyond for you.

Our commitment to being responsive translates into credibility and a deeper level of engagement with you. We become someone you can trust and rely on. In this way, we create an enduring relationship that allows both parties to grow and achieve success beyond just profit.

We respond to our customers in an average of 9 minutes.
The result is a customer satisfaction score of 93%

We started in 1999 and are wholly Australian owned.

We are not a generalist, rather, we are an HR technology and assessment science specialist. We truly understand how to interface human know-how with technology.

Our depth of experience includes a wide spectrum of businesses of all sizes and across many sectors. Our team brings together real-world recruiting know-how, learning and development, psychology and training expertise, and technology and analytics capabilities to deliver excellence in everything we do.

We deliver value by placing our customers at the centre – we tailor solutions to maximise value, implement them seamlessly, consistently deliver what is promised, work collaboratively and build enduring relationships.

We are not a test author – we are vendor neutral and partner with multiple publishers so we can tailor solutions specific to your needs.
We only select our publisher partners after we conduct a stringent evaluation.

We are a technology company. We harness the power of technology to:

  • Create and operate a stable and secure online platform  
  • Integrate seamlessly into your ATS 
  • Design and set up your virtual candidate assessment centre 
  • Develop tailored solutions for various vertical market sectors
  • Enhance, customise and personalise reporting.

We also ensure our products are mobile optimised and easily fit your current processes and technology requirements, so as not to disrupt your current workflows.

We provide 24/7 support to all customers, no matter how big or small.

We have a dedicated customer success team which ensures the needs of customers are met and provide you with a single point of contact and industry leading levels of service.

We build collaborative partnerships and enduring relationships with our customers.

We take your brand very seriously and aim to be an extension of your brand, values and personality when dealing with your candidates.

To achieve this, we provide the best possible candidate experience at every stage of the hiring process by:

  • Outlining the recruitment process, giving clear timelines and keeping candidates in the loop every step of the way in order to manage expectations.
  • Offering online and offline support to candidates.
  • Ensuring our tests are professional and well-designed.
  • Leveraging technology such as video interviewing to improve convenience.
  • Providing candidates with thoughtful and constructive feedback to improve their self-awareness and growth.

We understand just how important it is to protect your brand equity. We can incorporate your corporate identity and other brand visuals into assessments and reports, giving you the added employer branding touch-points at every stage of your talent acquisition and development processes.

We call this “Branded Experience”.

Diversity in the workforce delivers a multitude of benefits. However, from our experience, unconscious bias in recruitment is still very common. To give all applicants an equal opportunity to showcase themselves, and to ensure you get the best talent from all walks of life, we:

  • Assist you in writing job ads that are non-biased.
  • Put in place blind recruitment processes.
  • Present test results in “standardised” scores or percentiles, rather than raw scores.
  • Utilise a blend of cognitive and behavioural tests to help facilitate unbiased selection of candidates.
  • Provide you with tools, guidelines and advice to assist you to build your awareness of unconscious bias.

Using our technology and talent management expertise, we can:

  • Customise your talent acquisition workflow processes.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing platforms.
  • Advise on the most suitable skill assessments and customise the questions for you.
  • Tailor behavioural interview questions to each applicant’s results.
  • Modify reports to reflect your industry, corporate values or job categories and levels.
  • Individualise performance management feedback and development opportunities. 

We understand reporting is imperative for HR professionals and Hiring Managers. We can provide standard or customised reports that are:

  • Quick to download and easily accessible, with data appropriately protected.
  • Presented in an easy-to-understand format so you can interpret the results in a  practical and actionable way.

We recognise that highly sensitive data is held within HR systems and there is a duty to keep that information safe.
We place great importance on ensuring your data is accessible, accurate, reliable, securely stored and protected from unauthorised access.

  • We have comprehensive policies and practices to minimise risk for all parties.
  • We ONLY store our data in Australia.
  • We are EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.
  • We are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliant.

We like to listen to what your challenges are, ask questions to identify your needs and work collaboratively to find the optimal solution. One size doesn’t fit all.

We offer a number of ways for you to work with us.

  • We have comprehensive policies and practices to minimise risk for all parties.
  • We ONLY store our data in Australia.
  • We are EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.
  • We are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliant.

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