Find the Right Apprentice by Asking the Right Questions

The right apprentice may be right in front of you, but they might slip by without you noticing. How does this happen?

If you’re not asking the right questions, mining for the right skills, or identifying important behavioural indicators, opportunities to snap up top-tier apprentices may be missed.

Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for employers to attract, train and retain talented candidates who may not meet standard job-experience requirements.

Trainee roles offer motivated, focussed and proactive candidates the chance to break through the “experience barrier” and build their career from the ground up.

But how do you know which candidates have what it takes to make it and how do you find the right apprentice?

Take the guess work out of the equation.

Identifying the specific skills, aptitude and even personality traits your business requires from a trainee is important. Ensuring you know what you need before hiring your apprentice is vital.

An apprentice who seems a good fit on paper or in an interview may prove to be the wrong choice once in the role.

Don’t rely on guesswork to inform your hiring decisions, make your first choice the right choice.

How to find the right apprentice.

Ask yourself: what does my company need from an apprentice?

A natural communicator with keen business instincts?

Or a candidate with strong leadership potential?

A trainee with a natural understanding of safety issues?

At Testgrid, we specialise in helping organisations identify the right trainees for the right role. We’ll provide you with tailored talent assessment, management and development tools to ensure you find the best-fit for your business needs.

Our assessment products provide critical measurements of candidates’ competencies including:

Verbal reasoning skills

Safety for apprentices

Mechanical and technical skills

Business reasoning skills

Career aptitude testing

Our expertise helps build your company’s future.

At Testgrid we are experts in psychometric testing and talent management. With over 14 years experience in assessment and testing, we help identify the candidates to lead your company today, tomorrow and beyond into the future.

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