Testgrid Now Integrates with Vieple Video Interviewing

Improving CX and Reducing Time to Hire

We are excited to announce that our native integration with Vieple video interviewing is now live. The partnership combines Testgrid’s candidate profiling capability with the simplicity of Vieple’s video screening service and comes after a long relationship, where the technology has consistently reduced time to hire and increased the quality of clients for our customers.

Vieple is an award-winning one-way video interviewing solution that launched in 2012 and has been providing an excellent CX that simplifies the hiring process for businesses of all sizes. Rather than conduct multiple phone interviews that take an average of 30 minutes to complete, Vieple allows hiring managers to screen 10 candidates in that time by setting questions and allowing candidates to record their responses. Hiring managers can then scan the responses and advance the appropriate candidates.

Hiring managers can ask as few or as many questions as they require from candidates and have access to Vieple’s bank of competency, motivational and job fit questions. With the integration, video interviewing slots into our customers’ existing processes and once candidates are finished, you can view and rate their responses ensuring you choose the right person for the next stage.

The Benefits and Statistics Don't Lie

The benefits that come with this integration and the performance statistics surrounding Vieple are staggering

  • With Vieple you can conduct ten video interviews in the same amount of time as one phone interview (30minutes)
  • 60% of HR managers use or have used video interviewing in the hiring process
  • Video interviewing decreases time to hire by 80%
  • Video screening improves candidate experience by 40%
  • Video interviewing reduces recruitment costs by 60%
  • Video interviewing increases the quality of hires by 47%

Testgrid is proud to be supporting Australian organisations during these troubling times and this integration will help us continue to grow our customers’ businesses and empower success through their people.

If you would like to learn how you can add Vieple to you process then simply contact us or email hello@testgrid.com.


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