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How To Spot The Warning Signs of Unconscious Bias In Your Workplace

As some of you may know, unconscious bias refers to a biological, automatic process that informs our decision making, and results in our brains making quick judgments about people and situations. Because unconscious bias by its very nature is…unconscious, we’re unaware that it’s even influencing our decisions – which is a bit scary!

We each have different internalised unconscious biases, as they are influenced by our backgrounds, personal experiences and cultural environments. While it’s an efficient way of processing information, it can be unhelpful when our brains take ‘shortcuts’ and make assumptions based on gender, age, cultural background and so on. So, while bias is normal, it is important that we recognise it and act on it appropriately.

Unfortunately, unconscious bias can undermine our diversity efforts without us even realising. We thought we’d alert you to some subtle ways in which unconscious bias can creep into everyday workplace situations with our FREE Guide To Spotting The Warning Signs of Unconscious Bias In Your Workplace

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