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How To Write Diversity-Centric, Fairer and Smarter Job Ads

It is impossible to fathom how a job ad like this could possibly have been published online last month:


Testgrid is extremely passionate about diversity, and considered this a call to action to share our advice on writing fair job ads that attract more diverse candidates.

In a recent survey by Textio, almost 40% of job seekers reported that they had decided NOT to apply for a job due to a poor job description. In addition, we know that candidates stop reading job listings in just 6 seconds – so it’s important to get your ad right!

This is precisely why we have developed a FREE guide to help you write diversity-centric job ads! Our guide includes:
1. Which job requirements to list
2. Your use of language
3. How to avoid corporate clichés
4. Which statements to include
5. How to think more broadly

If you’d like some help with making your advertising and recruitment process more diversity-focused, please get in touch with us at