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The Jacinda Ardern Competency Framework: What Great Leadership Looks Like

As some of you know, Testgrid has developed a range of specialised competency frameworks over the years, based on our in-house universal framework of 44 global competencies (designed to be relevant across all roles, organisations and industries).

 A competency framework describes behaviours that are critical for success in a job or organisation. During recruitment, these behaviours can be measured using validated behavioural (or ‘workplace personality’) assessments.

Many frameworks comprise approximately 6 to 8 competencies, however they can vary considerably based on an organisation’s needs. Some of our frameworks are broad, such as General Workforce or Management, some are specific to industries, such as Engineering or Retail, and others are even more specific: our newest frameworks include Diversity and Digital Technology.

A competency-based report can look something like this:


Along with many of you, it’s safe to say that we have been overcome with admiration for Jacinda Ardern and her distinctive leadership style over the past month. With a global spotlight firmly on her, the world’s youngest female head of government has epitomised courage and compassion.

We began to wonder: if we examined the specific behaviours Jacinda has demonstrated as a leader, what would a Jacinda Ardern competency framework look like?


We’d love to hear what you think of the above!


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