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Testgrid's 4 Secrets to a Tight Knit Team Culture

1. We don't take ourselves too seriously

FUN is very important to us here at Testgrid! It’s fair to say that a sense of friendly competition is very much alive and well in our office – whether it’s footy tipping, World Cup sweeps, our weekly general knowledge quiz, the race to collect the full suite of Coles Little Shop items, or my current personal (very important) favourite, The Bachelor sweep. Over time, we’ve learned that we’re also highly motivated by food, so there generally seems to be some kind of treat floating around the office – gummy bears, cheese twists, croissants and Freddos to name a few. We’ve replaced Friday knock-off drinks with massages: we’re very fortunate to have the team at South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine visit us once a month to help us de-stress and keep us happy and focused!

2. Open Communication

We value transparency, and use team meetings as an opportunity to share how the business is performing, as well as to help everyone understand their impact on the business’s overall performance. Within our respective teams, we schedule regular one-on-ones, and across teams, our open-plan offices facilitate open communication – as does our new online chat addiction, Slack! Our newest initiative to foster cross-team communication (and innovation) has been holding Hackathons: for our inaugural Hackathon a few months ago, we broke up our usual working teams. It was fantastic to see that ideas were led by people from a diverse range of teams, and that everyone was keen to present to the panel. Many staff commented on how much they enjoyed working with people that they don’t have the opportunity to work with on a day-to-day basis.

3. Zero Ego

Our team has a relatively ‘flat’ hierarchical structure, and there is a lack of ego: everyone’s opinion is valued. There is a clear tone of accessible leadership: our Managing Director has an open-door policy, and always has time for everyone in the business to talk about all things – from personal stuff, to new business ideas, to the best burgers in town. We jump in and help each other on projects wherever needed, even if it falls outside of our ‘official’ position description. We’re also not afraid to be ‘wrong’ or to say something ‘silly’ in a meeting: no one person alone has the answers to everything and that’s why we need each other.

4. We work flexibly and focus on outcomes, not timesheets

We value and celebrate diversity, and we know that part of this is encouraging staff to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work. This means understanding that staff sometimes need to go to things like university exams, Mother’s or Father’s Day morning teas, or training events – because we all have identities outside of work. Feedback from staff has been that they appreciate and value the trust that Testgrid places in them, and that it makes them feel even more committed to delivering on their objectives. Similarly, we believe in fostering autonomy