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Are You Ready For The Workforce Of The Future?

By 2030 EVERY single job in Australia will be changed and some even completely wiped out. The reality is that 2030 is not far at all! in just under a decade, the entire world will undergo such drastic changes across all job sectors, more than it did in the entire 20th Century. 

What does this mean for employers?

It means we need to start thinking differently about the impact of these changes. It's time to start focusing on skills and abilities that will be necessary for success in the 'brave new world.' We will spend a lot more time problem solving and communicating, and a lot less time carrying out repetitive tasks, thanks to automation.

The future of work is not about which jobs will and won't survive. It is not about “robots coming to steal our jobs”. The future of work is about skills and it's a lot more human than you may think.

According to the New Work Smarts Report by the Foundation of Young Australians
Employers will be looking for workers that are better problem solvers, communicators, and critical thinkers. They will also need to become more empathetic and persuasive, as well as better listeners, with these skills being needed 90 percent more than they are today!

It's time to act now!

This is an opportunity for all organisations to re-evaluate their current recruitment processes and begin to prepare and take the necessary steps to becoming a workplace of the future (which is actually already here). It's time to re-assess how you attract, select, develop and engage the worker of the future

So, are you ready for what futurists are calling the next industrial revolution? Are your practices going to support you to reach the full potential of your future workforce? If not, fear not, we are here to help! Talk to us today about how you can future-proof your organisation!