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Top 3 Reasons Why Candidate Experience is Important!

Many of us already know that ‘candidate experience’ is an important consideration when designing and delivering a top-notch recruitment process. But let’s take a closer look at the reasons why…

1. Protect (and showcase!) your brand

We know that candidates talk. Just like a shocking experience at a restaurant or hotel, we’re particularly likely to go public with experiences when they’re negative! Don’t underestimate how damaging poor reviews online – or even just stories shared amongst friends! – can be to your brand. A study by CareerArc revealed that 72% of jobseekers who had endured a bad candidate experience told other people about it, either online or in-person. 

It’s not just about damage control, though: it’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase what makes your organisation great. Most recruitment processes end up with ‘near misses’: candidates who might be perfect for a different opportunity further down the track. So, you want to make sure these potential future hires complete the recruitment process with a lasting, positive impression of your organisation.

2. Secure top talent

It’s no secret that star candidates are likely to receive numerous competitive offers. So delivering a recruitment process that is timely, respectful, and offers a genuine, positive portrayal of what it’s like to work at your organisation, will help you gain a competitive edge. A friend of mine was recently weighing up two fantastic job offers: the opportunities were similar enough that his final decision came down to how he felt about the interactions he’d had with staff at both organisations. His rationale was that these experiences offered valuable insights into how he would likely be treated as an employee. 

3. Reduce cost-per-hire

Streamlining your recruitment process to focus on only the most essential skills or attributes means that candidates aren’t jumping through unnecessary hoops (and giving up halfway through a 10-page application form!), AND, has the added bonus of reducing hiring costs. We encourage clients to focus on the parts of the process that matter most, and consider where technology (for instance, video interviewing) can be leveraged to maximise efficiency. 

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