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The National Disability Insurance Scheme – A Massive Opportunity For The Australian Workforce

The NDIS will not only change the lives of the disabled, but also create up to 70,000 new jobs.

The $22 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme went national on July 1st this year. The ground breaking disability reform will provide significant employment opportunities with the number of NDIS providers needing to increase by up to 1,000%. The Productivity Commission estimates that approximately 70,000 new disability support care workers will be required (one-in-5 of all new Australian jobs created by 2020) to meet demand.  

The increased demand for disability services will create new jobs and see family carers return to the workforce. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) surveyed work intentions of carers, and adjusting for those that left work to care for someone with a disability, it’s estimated 30,000 full time equivalent positions will return to the workforce in the period to 2020.

The employment benefits will be sizeable - even accounting for short to medium-term labour market rigidities.

For example, if we discount the employment impact by an arbitrary 50%, the NDIS could still produce around 55,000 new full-time equivalent jobs. Also, the government will benefit from an increase in personal income tax and a decrease in welfare support payments – leading to a budget improvement of between $1.5 billion and $1.9 billion by 2020-21. Making the NDIS a massive win-win for everyone.

The challenge will be how to (quickly) recruit high-quality candidates for these new positions.

When recruiting disability carers, skills-based and competency factors are obviously important but the integrity of a candidate is much more critical. It takes a person with a high level of personal integrity to work with disabled people. But how do we accurately – and quickly – identify these qualities in a candidate?

Integrity Assessments play a key role in identifying, hiring, and retaining high-integrity candidates. Additionally, tests for Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Assessment and Competency – are just a few of the “must have” tests for disability sector recruitment.

But testing doesn’t finish when the ideal candidate has been hired! Ongoing testing programs promote a safer and happier workplace improving employee retainment, workplace culture, motivation, productivity, and patient satisfaction.

Testgrid can help you quickly identify those candidates who are the best cultural and role fit to ensure they’ll exemplify the highest values of your healthcare organisation.

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