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Testgrid a sure bet for Sportsbet

Testgrid’s assessment rework gets results for Sportsbet

In response to technical skills being rapidly outdated, online bookmaker giant, Sportsbet, has shifted it’s hiring manager’s focus to ‘candidate potential’ and is now retaining more of it’s top talent.

A little over a year ago, Sportsbet engaged Testgrid’s expertise in re-designing their assessment process, providing hiring managers with specialist training in candidate assessment. Prior to process re-design, hiring managers were recruiting candidates solely based on their experience and expertise. This method ignores the fact that a skill could become irrelevant to the company in 12 months time due to the ever-changing nature of technology.

With this in mind, Sportsbet’s hiring managers were put through a Testgrid developed training workshop to learn about interviewing and assessments. As a result of this workshop, internal hires increased by 30% last year and attrition of high-potential employees reduced to 8% which is about half of the overall attrition rate for Sportsbet.

 Learning agility and cultural fit integral to assessment. 

The focus was on looking for the potential candidates had, rather than their experience alone.

Sportsbet now assesses candidates on three metrics: expertise (25% weighted scoring), learning agility (30%), and cultural alignment (45%)

Using a mix of cognitive assessments and psychometric testing for some roles, as well as video interviewing to help hiring managers screen candidates, by cognitively assessing candidates prior to looking at CV’s, Sportsbet has eliminated bias and diversified their candidate pool.

“We have seen a much more diverse group, not just in demographic, but also skillsets” said Liz Waldock, Head of Talent - Sportsbet. 

The bigger picture...

Until 4 years ago, Sportsbet outsourced 95% of it’s recruitment to agencies, last year it’s agency usage was down to 5%

Testgrid has played a vital role in helping Sportsbet build a strong internal talent team and bring the focus to strategy alignment between talent acquisition, development and retention.

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